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» Wayne County

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs was one of the most vibrant, startling acts playing the gig circuit through punk's peak years of 1977-78, bringing a touch of authentic New York street life to European stages.

Wayne (now Jayne) County is one rock’s most fearless pioneers, having emerged from the downtown NYC Warhol scene to display this then little seen side of the city’s underground to the masses with her biting social comments and ribald statements such as ‘If You Don't Want To Fuck Me, Fuck Off’.

The Electric Chairs’ Rockpalast performance captured this seminal, often overlooked artist at her confrontational peak, backed by her sympathetic, supercharged band.

Highlights include ‘Man Enough To Be A Woman’, ‘Stuck On You’, ‘Night Time’ and ‘Fuck Off’. Expertly restored and remastered. Superb vision, outstanding sound. The best in the business!

For more information, visit the Repertoire Records website

» Wayne County

Wayne County will be portrayed in the forthcoming movie "CBGB" due for US release in October 2013. "Out of Control" from the album "Electric Chairs" will be featured in the movie. Click here to purchase in iTunes. Also available from Amazon and other digital retailers.

» 2013 releases

So far in 2013 we’ve released Wayne County & the Electric Chairs’ BLATANTLY OFFENSIVE EP, Jayne County’s ROCK’N’ROLL RESURRECTION, The Electric Chairs SO MANY WAYS, Toyah’s LIVE & MORE, MAYHEM, WARRIOR ROCK (Toyah on Tour) and LOVE IS THE LAW, The Chanter Sisters’ SHOULDER TO SHOULDER and the compilation UPPERS ON THE SOUTH DOWNS. As long as we keep finding tapes in the archive, we’ll keep releasing them for download!

» More from the Archives

Released today (17.12.2012) for download: The Best of Jayne/Wayne County and The Electric Chairs AND I Believe in Father Christmas from Toyah.

Toyah’s version of the Greg Lake classic festive song ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ was recorded for inclusion in Granada TV's Pop Goes Christmas, first broadcast Christmas 1982. It later appeared on the 1985 compilation Mayhem and its 2005 CD re-issue. Toyah’s 1982 version was recently listed, alongside the 1975 original and a 1986 cover by Elaine Paige, as the twenty-fourth in the 50 Best Christmas Songs by UK broadsheet newspaper The Independent.

Most of the tracks on ‘The Best of Jayne/Wayne County and The Electric Chairs’ were recorded in the 1978-1980 period of growth and transformation for Jayne, and unlike most of what was recorded during that savage and erratic period, they are as valid at this moment as they would have been in 1965, 1973 or 1999.

» Jools Holland Presented With The 20th Music Industry Trusts Award

Jools Holland, piano player, big band leader, TV presenter, former punk pop-star, deputy Lieutenant of Kent, OBE and undoubted national treasure, was honoured this evening with the prestigious Music Industry Trusts Award sponsored by PPL, Ingenious and Spotify. The Award, presented to Jools Holland by close friend Jennifer Saunders, was made in recognition of his outstanding contribution to music and music broadcasting over three decades.

Jools Holland:
“30 years of television, 25 of big band and probably 40 years since first playing the pubs...that’s why I’m delighted to receive this, with all of those in mind. But I think this Award also helps to celebrate and draw people’s attention to Nordoff Robbins and the BRIT School, so it’s more about them than it is about me.”

Jools’ memories of his first-ever recording session demand to be documented here, even if you are reading this pre-watershed.

“It was at Marquee Studios, when the punk thing was happening, so it was quite exciting. Wayne County, who after the sex change became Jayne, said ‘Can you play some burlesque piano?’ so I did, and it sounded alright.

“I said “I’ve never been on a record before, could you make sure you send it to me?’ That meant more to me than the £19.50 session fee, plus bus fare home.

“Anyway, they were good to their word and sent me a record, I was really pleased. I saw I had a credit on the back, great! I remember my mother and my aunts being there, I put it on, it starts off with a piano introduction and everyone’s beaming and going ‘Well done.’

“Then the opening line is ‘If you don’t want to fuck me baby, fuck off’ and then at the end, there's a little false stop and then a good punk tradition, ‘1-2-3-4’ and it doubles the tempo, and he screams ‘fuckofffuckofffuckoff!’

“That finished, then you can hear the guitar being smashed up, the record comes off and my aunts and my mother all looked at one another and said ‘Absolutely brilliant, isn’t he clever?’ and went back to their knitting.”

CLICK HERE for more information on Jools’ award

» Tony Edwards.

It is with great regret that we announce that Tony Edwards (1932 - 2010) passed away 11-11-2010. John Craig's partner and co-founder of both Safari Records and First Night Records.

» New Year's Honours...

Congratulations to our MD, John Craig, Chairman of the British Record Company Industry Trust on being awarded an OBE in the 2010 New Year's Honours for services to Music and Charity.

» Safari Launches...

We've been busy in the archives tracking down the master tapes of the Safari Records catalogue, and are delighted to announce that we will be making available for digital download as many of them as we can, with the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album of Safari Records (originally released in 2002 and still available on CD), The Yobs' CHRISTMAS ALBUM, two albums from The Boys: BOYS ONLY and TO HELL WITH THE BOYS and five albums from Toyah: SHEEP FARMING IN BARNET, THE BLUE MEANING, ANTHEM, THE CHANGELING and Toyah's Live 1980 album, TOYAH! TOYAH! TOYAH! already available from the Safari store

Some of the albums we've found haven't been available since the vinyl days of yore, and many feature bonus tracks not available on the original recordings; watch this space for updates on more digital releases from the Safari Records catalogue.


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